Help with Samba urgently needed

Dan Mandell dmandell at
Fri Oct 9 03:06:06 GMT 1998

Every attempt to upgrade to current versions of samba or to get a second
samba server to accept logins has failed. This is the second Samba server
we are attempting to run, configured more or less with the same smb.conf as
an operation samba server - runnind an older version.
Samba Version: samba-1.9.18p10
Platform: Sun OS 5.6

We are attempting to operate with clear_text password authentication againt
the default shadow password - using "encrypt passwords = No".  Regardless
of what we do with the smb.conf, "smbclient -L BIG_SERVER" replies with the
following response indicative of a pasword problem:

doing parameter password level = 8
doing parameter encrypt passwords = no
doing parameter wins support = yes
doing parameter browseable = yes
doing parameter domain master = no
doing parameter local master = yes
doing parameter netbios name = ruby
doing parameter preferred master = no
doing parameter os level = 100
doing parameter socket options = TCP_NODELAY
doing parameter domain logons = yes
doing parameter security = user
doing parameter printing = sysv
doing parameter load printers = yes
doing parameter guest account = nobody
doing parameter log file = /opt/samba/log
doing parameter log level = 1
Server time is Thu Oct  8 21:32:40 1998
Timezone is UTC-5.0
SMBtconX failed. ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password pair in a
TreeConnect or Session Setup are invalid.)
Perhaps you are using the wrong sharename, username or password?

Suggestions or observation would be most welcome... 

Dan Mandell  <dmandell at>
Saint Mary's College. Information technology
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