Requesting simple assistance - details included.

Robert A. Chappa rchappa at
Fri Oct 9 00:44:46 GMT 1998

Hi, could you please assist me with this problem?

PROBLEM: Samba-1.9.17p4-3.i386   I CAN map Linux drives via Samba
successfully from WINNT 4.0, but I can't see my samba server 'hurricane' in
Network Neighborhood'.
ACTIONS:  diagnosis.txt results
Test 1 - passed
Test 2 - passed
Test 3 - passed
Test 4 - passed
Test 5 - failed (nmblookup -B hercules '*'    message: sending queries to  name_query failed to find name *)
Test 6 - passed (only hercules)
Test 7 - passed
Test 8 - passed
Test 9 - passed
Test 10 - Can't browse server via Network Neighborhood

I've studied smb.conf and made sure browseable options were set on mappings
that I have configured.
I've studied several docs and haven't found any resolution.

Here is my RedHat 5.0 Network config:
	Hostname: HURRICANE
	Search for hostnames in additional domains: IBM.NET
Hosts: localhost localhost.localdomain hurricane hercules
Interfaces: lo

Here is my WINNT 4.0 Network config:
Computer name: hercules
Services: Computer Browser
               NetBIOS Interface
	   Remote Access Service
 	   RPC Configuration
Protocols: NetBEUI Protocol
                TCP/IP Protocol
                   IP Address
                      Adapter: [6] 3Com EtherLink III (3C589D) LAN PC Card
                      Specify an IP address:
                          IP Address:
                          Subnet Mask:
                          Default Gateway:
                      Host Name: hercules
                      Domain: ENGINEERING
                      DNS Service Search Order:
                   WINS Address
                      Primary WINS Server:
                      Secondary WINS Server:
                      x Enable DNS for Windows Resolution - checked
                      x Enable LMHOSTS Lookup - checked
                      Scope ID:
                      x Enable IP forwarding - unchecked
Adapters: [6] 3Com EtherLink III (3C589D) LAN PC Card
Bindings: NetBEUI Protocol
               Remote Access WAN Wrapper
               TCP/IP Protocol
               WINS Client(TCP/IP)

Here is the diagnosis doc I followed.  Thanks

[[ DIAGNO~1.TXT : 46 in winmail.dat ]]

Robert A. Chappa
Engineering Team Lead
rchappa at
"I need a person with the ability
 to know what will go wrong before
 it actually does...and the courage
 to estimate the future when it is cloudy."

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