CR/LF problem

Heiko Nardmann h.nardmann at
Thu Oct 1 08:35:55 GMT 1998

Our network mainly consists out of NT workstations.
For a new project I now have set up a Linux Samba server
with an account on it for every developer.
The developers are accessing their accounts via Samba
by assigning a drive letter to the net drive.

Now there is one problem:
while editing the Makefile for the project the MS editor
uses LF/CR (0x0a/0x0d) for a newline while Unix just needs
LF (0x0a).
This results in problems with make which does not like those
LF/CR combinations.

So my question:
is there any way to say "write newline unix-like"?
Or (maybe) automagically start a script afterwards (which
may result in a problem with the access time)?
Or specify a list of files which get written unix-like?

Ciao ... Heiko Nardmann

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