CR/LF problem

Anthony Ord samba at
Thu Oct 1 22:28:12 GMT 1998

This is the classic DOS/Unix problem. A work-around is to use a shell
script which calls the "flip" program (written by the same guy who
wrote ZOO) on your Makefile, then calls "make". If "flip" is called by
the name "tounix", it will always turn the file to LF only, and won't
change the file if it is already in that format. This will allow you
to retain your existing tools.

Hope this helps.

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998 18:40:35 +1000, Heiko Nardmann
<h.nardmann at> wrote:

>Our network mainly consists out of NT workstations.
>For a new project I now have set up a Linux Samba server
>with an account on it for every developer.
>The developers are accessing their accounts via Samba
>by assigning a drive letter to the net drive.
>Now there is one problem:
>while editing the Makefile for the project the MS editor
>uses LF/CR (0x0a/0x0d) for a newline while Unix just needs
>LF (0x0a).
>This results in problems with make which does not like those
>LF/CR combinations.
>So my question:
>is there any way to say "write newline unix-like"?
>Or (maybe) automagically start a script afterwards (which
>may result in a problem with the access time)?
>Or specify a list of files which get written unix-like?


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