samba on linux seems slower than win95 as server

K. Konzept K.Konzept at
Thu Oct 1 07:49:00 GMT 1998

>However, after setting all the win95 boxes up with tcp/ip to see the 
>samba server, and copying all our medical databases across, we found 
>that the response time was much slower than when we used the machine 
>in win95 with netbeui.

>all I had read about samba suggested we should get much better 
>performance rather than worse.

>did i set it up wrong? is there is some configuration which should be 
>changed to make it work better?

We have had a problem with slow samba too.

Our solution : "socket options = TCP_NODELAY" in the "[global]" section, in /etc/smb.conf.


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