Question w/intranet and internet

Nelson rjn103s at
Mon Nov 23 13:48:14 GMT 1998


We are using a private class B behind a firewall for about 15 months and
all is well using Samba.  However I notice a strange problem:

When the real Internet is down (namely our router to the internet) the
samba boxes (all of which are behind the firewall) do not function correct
(at a minimal no domain logons for 95/98)

Router(Gateway for real internet)   =====|firewall|======= Intranet 						2 interfaces			mask
						routing traffic 

I find this problem interesting because I am sure somebody is running Samba
with no internet at all somewhere(hence, no router)

Intranet Samba boxes running 1.9.18.p3

Again everything is Great! until router for the Internet is taken offline.

Thoughts Welcome:)

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