Question w/intranet and internet

motec - Andrew Dennison andrew.dennison at
Tue Nov 24 01:31:29 GMT 1998

This sounds like a problem I had with windows if a nameserver is enabled but
not accessable. Windows tried DNS before NETBIOS. I got lazy and setup a
simple nameserver (on the samba box) which all the windows pc point to.

This can be changed by changing priorities in the registry, but maybe
there's an even better solution?


Andrew Dennison
Engineering Manager - MoTeC Australia

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We are using a private class B behind a firewall for about 15 months and
all is well using Samba.  However I notice a strange problem:

When the real Internet is down (namely our router to the internet) the
samba boxes (all of which are behind the firewall) do not function correct
(at a minimal no domain logons for 95/98)

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