Network latencies and browsing (in reply to Re: Dial in accounts)

Valentijn Sessink valentyn at
Mon Nov 23 10:14:39 GMT 1998

Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:
> Bill Eldridge <bill at> wrote:
> >> Now, some Win95s (my OSR2.1, for example :-) browse
> >> without problems, but others with a supposedly similar
> >> setup cannot browse.  Is the problem with older Win95
> >> versions, or something entirely different ?  Note that
> >> we are all dialing in to the same IBM-8235 router, so
> >> everything ought to be the same, yet the Win95s seem to
> >> behave differently.
> This seems unrelated.  The Win95 PC connects to the network
> via modem, and our SAMBA DMB is an IBM RS/6000.  And some
> Win95 PCs work fine with this setup, while others don't.
> > There might be something very significant
> > that got updated in Win95 PPP-TCP/IP code in later service
> > packs and releases.
> Yup, I guess that is the question that I'm asking.  Does
> anyone out there know ??

Hmm, I did not follow this discussion, but from what I see here, this
might add to the question I was about to ask. I have a SMB server on a
Linux that is connected to the Internet by ADSL. 
I had a SMB share and WINS server for a couple of months, worked OK. I
stopped being a WINS some months ago.
After that, a major upgrade of the ADSL-software made latencies in the
network much higher: first from 8 msec to about 35 msec to the gateway,
from one computer to another that being from 16 to 70 msec.
About two months ago, I installed Samba again. Browsing was hardly
possible, it took me minutes of "search computer" to find actually
anything on the network. Now a couple of weeks ago, the ADSL-software
changed again, the ping now does about 16 msec to the router, and
browsing seems slightly easier.

Does this add to any conclusions? Is this new behaviour of Win95, new to

Oh, this reminds me of something else: one of the people that is
persistently using my hardly-usable WINS generates packets to port
0x8900 (35072 dec). My Linux replies with a "port unreach". I contacted
this guy, who said he only (only) uses my Linux as a WINS.
Unfortunately, I do not know what type of Windows he uses, but it looks
like Msoft designed another fine addition?

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