SAMBA digest 1883

Bill Eldridge bill at
Mon Nov 23 05:38:32 GMT 1998

> I am an analyst for a large corporation and am interested in using Samba
>  in
> a project for mine.  I need one piece of the puzzle answered for me
>  though.
> Can anyone tell me what is the maximum size of a file system can Samba
>  see.
> I'm talking in Terabytes.  If anyone could answer this for me, I'd truly
> appreciate it.  Could you send any responses to mnoll at

If I might be presumptious, I think the answer is "infinite",
at least if you use the "max disk size" option in smb.conf.  This
would theoretically be used to tell your DOS/Windows/Unix machine that
the remote disk is small enough for your addressing to handle, while
the remote machine has the task of actually handling the addressing
and file-directory structure properly.  Basically a networked bit
bucket to throw things at.  I assume Samba announces it's actually full 
through a different response than disk size, so this should work fine.

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