Dial in accounts

Bill Eldridge bill at rfa.org
Mon Nov 23 05:38:32 GMT 1998

> Regarding remote network browsing:
> We have had mixed success browsing Network Neighborhood from 
> PPP-connected Win95 PCs.  Our servers are all SAMBA, no NT here :-)
> The Win95s have WINS-server defined correctly in the network
> setup (checked by running winipcfg).  We wait a couple of 
> minutes after establishing PPP-connection, then try to 
> browse.  Now, some Win95s (my OSR2.1, for example :-) browse
> without problems, but others with a supposedly similar
> setup cannot browse.  Is the problem with older Win95
> versions, or something entirely different ?  Note that
> we are all dialing in to the same IBM-8235 router, so
> everything ought to be the same, yet the Win95s seem to
> behave differently.

This may not be related, but make sure you have the latest
drivers on problems like this - I've had old 3Com905
original Windows drivers refuse to browse properly, and the
new ones do fine.  There might be something very significant
that got updated in Win95 PPP-TCP/IP code in later service
packs and releases.

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