Dial in accounts

Bill Eldridge bill at rfa.org
Mon Nov 23 04:47:32 GMT 1998

> > I am busy trying to grasp the browse list concept. We have subnets and
> > dial-in accounts. From what I have read you may have to get your Linux
> > box act as aWINS server and have to dial-up user use the wins server
>  to
> > resolve names on the brows list. The browse list is updated every
>  12-15
> > minutes ao your dial-up account might not show upat first. This has
> > caused me some trouble at first as I expected the list to be up-todate
> > as the PC logs on.

Your dial-up doesn't really need to appear.
If you use the /etc/ppp/options entry of "ms-wins",
you can get all the browse info for your domain.
Since machines register as they come on, the
only problem *should* be when a machine is down
and no longer available but this will be unknown
for 12-15 minutes.  Even if a machine doesn't appear
in your browser, you can map it manually by name
under Tools/Map Network Drive in Windows Explorer, and
if you've connected before, there'll even be an entry
of the correct machine as a possibility in the pull-down


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