How do crack newer Win95 PWL files ?

Chris St st_chris at
Fri Nov 13 19:59:36 GMT 1998

Does anybody know how the newer Win95 PWL files could be cracked ?
I mean not those files which work with GLIDE 
(Header of those files is: 0xB04D464E = ".MFN", their username 
starts at position 0x208).

I mean PWL files which have the following header: 0xE3828596 
and the information begins at 0x252 !
I've pointed out that these PWL files depend in some way 
on a kind of randomness, a counter how often you have changed 
your password and may be on the username or the password.

So if anybody knows how this could be done please let me know.
My email address is: st_chris at

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