Mr. Glenn Bunton gbunton at
Fri Nov 13 19:28:14 GMT 1998

I setup samba on our Solaris 2.5 machine in ten minutes and everything
has worked wondefully.

Our linux box has been another story so I hope someone can help. We're
now running redhat 5.1 and samba 1.9.18p10-51.1 on a pentium 200. The
daemons appear to be running nicely. In going through the diagnosing
document, everything is great until step 4. I do nmblookup -B
courses__SAMBA__ (courses is the server name) and I get back Sending
queries to - if I do nmblookup -B courses it gives me back my
server ip address. When I do stop 5 nmblookup -B pc129 (the nt
workstation machine) it returns the pc's ip address. When I try and do
nmblookup -d 2 '*' I only get one response and that is the server
address. When I do net view \\courses from the pc I get an error 53 the
network path was not found message. Any help would be greatly

Mr. Glenn Bunton
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Old Dominion University
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