Samba WINS server and lost domain controllers

John Lusk lusk at
Tue Nov 3 20:51:26 GMT 1998

"GL" == Graham Leggett <graham at> writes:

  GL> For a long time, everything has worked fine, however recently we have
  GL> had wierd problems with domain controllers "disappearing".

I can offer nothing but moral support, but I've seen a similar
problem.  We're using NT WINS servers in a multi-subnet environment,
and I've had the primary WINS server refuse to talk to Samba (to tell
it who the domain master browser is).  Switching to the 2ndry WINS
server "solved" the problem.  I still don't understand why, and using
a symbolic debugger on nmbd didn't help.  You might want to glance at
the code to see what it's expecting (in terms of server or client
responses) and then go straight to packet sniffing.


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