Problems with smbmount

Javier Bertoli jbertoli at
Mon Nov 2 13:41:43 GMT 1998

Hi folks;

	This is my situation:

	I'm running RH 5.1 and samba 1.9p10 to serve an intranet of mixed
Win95 OSR2 & DOS 6.22. I have some scripts on the server side that mounts
Win95 shares through smbmount. 
	Everything was OK up to here. 

	But I had to upgrade to kernel version 2.1.135 (long story) and
problems begun:
	After the kernel upgrade the scripts begun to fail, exiting with
an error of "SMBFS need mount version 6". I also got this error when using
	To solve this, I compiled and installed samba 2.0.0 prealpha, and
the error changed:
	Everything works fine when using the shared resources on the
server from my W95 & DOS boxes. Smbclient also works fine to mount W95
shares, but the error with smbmount persists and is different now. This is
where I need your help:
	Everytime I try to mount a Win95 share with smbmount, I get a "BAD
user/passwd" error, and cannot mount the resource. But I have no problems
when the resource has no password.
	When using the debug option, I get the message "using encrypted
password" (I think this is the error), even when I have set "encrypted
password = no" in the smb.conf file.
	I don't know what to do or where the error should be, and the most
extrange thing is that the problem is unidirectional, from my Linux box to
the Win95 side, and only when using smbmount. 
	If you can give me any clue, I would be grateful. 
	Thanks in advance


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