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David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Mon Nov 2 14:06:07 GMT 1998

Richard Whiffen <whiffen at> wrote:
>     We're having some odd issues with samba and MS Word (And presumable the
> rest of the office suite, but I haven't checked) running on NT 4.0 sp3.
> MS Word doesn't seem to obey the umask settings:
> create mask = 0775
> directory mask = 0775

	We've had that prblem here: many pc apps rename the
	file to be edited to xxx.bak, create a new file with
	specific permissions and write the edited file to that.

	This usually blows group permissions.

	To offset it, use ``force create mode'' to force
	suitable permissions to be set.  

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