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Date: Sunday, November 01, 1998 1:24 AM
Subject: SAMBA digest 1861

>     SAMBA Digest 1861
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>Topics covered in this issue include:
>  1) Re: Anyone resolved "failed to lock SMB passwd file"?
> by "Robert Dahlem" <Robert.Dahlem at frankfurt.netsurf.de>
>  2) Debugging Help?
> by "John D. Hays" <jhays at Hays.ORG>
>  3) MS Word 97 and Samba 1.9.18p10
> by "Whiffen, Richard" <whiffen at ici.org>
>  4) Q about files
> by "Igor Colovic" <cigor at EUnet.yu>
>  5) Problem with domain controller & win98
> by "Hans Eichbaum" <hans at nosferatu.horizon.nl>
>Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 11:17:47 +0100
>From: "Robert Dahlem" <Robert.Dahlem at frankfurt.netsurf.de>
>To: "Multiple recipients of list" <samba at samba.anu.edu.au>,
"samba at rollingthunder.demon.co.uk" <samba at rollingthunder.demon.co.uk>
>Subject: Re: Anyone resolved "failed to lock SMB passwd file"?
>Message-ID: <199810311024.LAA28332 at beach.frankfurt.netsurf.de>
>On Sat, 31 Oct 1998 11:05:18 +1100, Anthony Ord wrote:
>>Another thing, the reply-to line should be changed to the mailing
>>list. As it stands, if someone has a problem and you reply to it, by
>>default only that person receives the answer. The mailing list as a
>>whole do not.
>I dont think so. I personally always use my mailers function "reply to all
>recipients" when answering a mailing-list message. So my answer makes it to
>list and to the original sender. The original sender gets it as fast as
>even if (s)he receives it in the digest form.
>Its just a question of discipline ...
>>If need be, perhaps a new mailing list called "samba-answers" should be
set up,
>>and the "Reply-To:" line set to that.
>This would be nothing but another FAQ list with the disadvantage of
messages just
>disappering in its archives. The "SP3/Win98 case" is mentioned in the FAQ
>every question coming up here just proves that those cool guys dont read
it. Be
>sure: they dont even read the archives, they just post to the list. :-(
>Hasta la vista,
>               Robert
>Robert.Dahlem at frankfurt.netsurf.de
>Radio Bornheim - 2:2461/332 at fidonet +49-69-4930830  (ZyX, V34)
>                 2:2461/326 at fidonet +49-69-94414444 (ISDN X.75)
>Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 10:48:58 -0800
>From: "John D. Hays" <jhays at Hays.ORG>
>To: <samba at samba.anu.edu.au>
>Subject: Debugging Help?
>Message-ID: <000901be04ff$1e1951e0$28bae7c0 at vision.hays.org>
>I need your help in trying to figure out a strange error.
>On our household LAN we have a Linux server running SAMBA (RedHat 4.1,
>Kernel 2.0.35, Samba Version 1.9.18p8).  There are 4 WinDoze boxes that
>normally are connected. (Vision - Win98, Gecko - Win98, Mobius - Win98, and
>Maker - Win95)
>Linux (The Server - Original Name, Huh?) has an HP LaserJet IIIP
>w/Postscript cartridge on it.  There are filters which switch it between
>and Postscript depending on the printer name (lp_raw is good for
>Vision, my primary workstation is able connect to the printer service on
>Linux and use the LaserJet.  This seems to work, regardless of who is
>into this workstation (we are using the NT domain logon feature in Samba).
>Vision also has a locally connected HP DeskJet 722C.
>Gecko, Mobius, and Maker can all print to the DeskJet connected to Vision,
>but whenever they try to print to the LaserJet on Linux they get an error.
>They all are using the same NT domain as Vision.  They do see the
>off of Linux in the Network Neighborhood.
>Where should I look to fix the problem?
>from smb.conf:
>        load printers =  Yes
>        min print space =  0
>        print command =  lpr -r -P%p %s
>        print ok =  No
>        printcap name =  /etc/printcap
>        printer driver =  NULL
>   browseable = yes
>   printable = yes
>   public = no
>   writable = no
>   create mode = 0700
>   path = /usr/spool/smbprint
>jhays at hays.org
>Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 14:44:48 -0500
>From: "Whiffen, Richard" <whiffen at ici.org>
>To: "'samba at samba.anu.edu.au'" <samba at samba.anu.edu.au>
>Subject: MS Word 97 and Samba 1.9.18p10
>Message-ID: <2315A1936E0BD211A36400A0C9D18B01273BFB at mail-2.ici.org>
>Hello all,
>    We're having some odd issues with samba and MS Word (And presumable the
>rest of the office suite, but I haven't checked) running on NT 4.0 sp3.
>MS Word doesn't seem to obey the umask settings:
>create mask = 0775
>directory mask = 0775
>When a new word document is created, it is given -rwxrw-r-instead of the
>-rwxrwxr-x I'm expecting.  I'm not sure whats happening there.
>Here's the weird part... Some times word considers documents Read Only,
>though they own the file in Unix, and its mode is 0664.  It doesn't seem to
>make any sense.  When go into the command line and chmod 775 the file, it
>works fine.  And, on top of that, it usually happens to the same people,
>I have a difficult time replicating the problem with any one else.  The 664
>mode should be fine, for most things from a unix perspective, but for some
>reason, Word/NT doesn't like it.  The most common problem is the secretary
>will open the "bosses" file and make some changes.  Since they're both in
>the same unix group, and the RW permission for the group is set, there
>shouldn't be a problem.  After making changes, the secretary tries to save
>and it they get a permissions error.  If I check the mode of the file, its
>764 (rwxrw-r--)  From the unix shell, they can interact with each others
>data via the group permission just fine.
>So, has anyone else seen this kind of behavior, and is there a solution?
>We're running Solaris 2.6 with samba-1.9.18p10 compiled with GCC 2.8.1.
>Rich Whiffen
>Investment Company Institute
>1401 H street NW
>Washington, DC 20005
>PH:(202) 326 - 5992
>FX:(202) 218 - 3565
>whiffen at ici.org <mailto:whiffen at ici.org>
>http://www.ici.org <http://www.ici.org>
>Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 09:25:23 +0100
>From: "Igor Colovic" <cigor at EUnet.yu>
>To: <samba at samba.anu.edu.au>
>Subject: Q about files
>Message-ID: <01be04a8$01193a80$0200a8c0 at big>
>I have a Question about files and smb.conf option browsable.
>I have setup one public share(witch is diving me some trouble).
>This is what this trouble is:
>On that share all users save public files from win95 or win98.
>On login script is executed witch using net use map this share to drive P:
>When someone delete files, or save new files on P: disk, some of
>refresh or logout/login)
>do not see new files, but see old deleted files.
>She setup in smb.comf is something like this
>    Comment = public files
>    path = /services/smb/public
>    browsable = yes
>    public = yes
>What is hepening.
>(The option in NN is not Quick log on, and disk map is not set to reconect
>on login, we use script for that)
>This is not the case with other shares.
>Igor Colovic                  Linux Users Group Yugoslavia (LUGY)
>LUGY home page: http://www.linux.org.yu
>Europe, Yugoslavia, Belgrade
>cigor at EUnet.yu
>DeplhiPro at yahoo.com
>ICQ# 16921517
>Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 22:58:58 +0100
>From: "Hans Eichbaum" <hans at nosferatu.horizon.nl>
>To: <samba at anu.edu.au>
>Subject: Problem with domain controller & win98
>Message-ID: <000b01be0519$d60314c0$2a6dc1c3 at dracula.nosferatu.horizon.nl>
>Hi there,
>I set up my samba that it acts as a domain controller,
>when i start network neigborhood and click on the linux system and select
>netlogon ([NETLOGON] entry in smb.conf)  i first
>had the problem with windows 98 that my password always was
>wrong. i fixed this with a registry setting (something with plaintext), now
>this part works.
>Now i configured my windows 98 for using a domain-server, and again i have
>password problem!!
>I don't know how to fix it ? (again a registry entry?)
>i'm using 1.9.18p8
>this is my smb.conf :
>workgroup = NOSFERATU
>guest account = nobody
>serverstring = Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 Hamm
>#netbios name = Freesystems
>guest ok = yes
>printing = bsd
>share modes = yes
>wins support = yes
>domain logons = yes
>logon script = login.bat
>  path = /home/netlogon
>  writeable = no
>  guest ok = no
>   comment = Home Directories
>   browseable = no
>   read only = yes
>   create mode = 0777
>Hans Eichbaum
>End of SAMBA Digest 1861

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