SAMBA Setup help/Initialization of passwords in passwd?

Mike K mikek at
Fri Mar 27 14:02:48 GMT 1998

Hello and greetings from NYC,

    I'm looking to set up a basic file server for my NT and
SGI machines, and while NIS is just file for the SGI side,
Samba seems like a good answer for the NT workstations
that will need to log in. I'm looking for some help in making
this work.

Basically, All I would like to do is create shares for each user
(Actually the name of the job were working on), so that
when the user logs onto the Samba station, the are directed
to that share and that share only. This seems simple enough,
however, I seem to be having a problem with the usernames.
Although the user account has been created within IRIX, for
example: <job1> with no password, samba dosen't recognize
this as a valid user account. I understand that samba keeps a
sperate user passwd file within the bin directory, however I'm
unclear how to replicate my IRIX accounts in /etc/passwd into
the samba passwd file, or what I need to set in the smb.conf

The instructuions make reference to a shell script that would do
this, but I cannot find it anywhere. Could someone give me
some instruction on how to accomplish this task with samba?

Thanks, and I truly appreciate the help.

Mike Kelleher

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