Net Logon service via LMHOSTS?

sven at sven at
Fri Mar 27 14:50:03 GMT 1998

I'm trying to get hosts on other side of non-broadcasting router to login
to a samba server.  I have successfully mapped a specified driver from
such a host to samba, but when trying to login to a domain am
unsuccessful.  Found a document on SCO site ( SCO Advanced Server
Administrator's Handbook ) that says that services that can't be
discovered via broadcast ( on other side of router & no WINS ) need an
entry in host LMHOSTS file:

server_IP_addr		"AS_DOMAIN      \0x1c"	#PRE

Can anyone confirm this or any other method for supporting domain logins
in a routed, non WINS environment?

Thanks.  Sven  

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