Not all files updated

David Salton dsalton at
Tue Mar 24 00:10:41 GMT 1998

>It would help if you tell us what program they are using on the Win95 end
>to do the copying. The problem is more likely to be at the client end -
>the chance of samba not saving files that it was asked to by the client
>*and* not writing any log messages seem to me to be lower than the chance
>of a problem in the client. YMMV.

Yeahr, it's a really quirky little program called "copy". Why on earth
would you think that we were using some other program. I said in my note
that they copied the files, and copied was what they did. I admit that I
should have said that they copied from the dos prompt, but if they were
using some special means of doing the copy, I would have mentioned it.

>I would guess from your description of the workaround that the client
>program is using some information from the existing server copy of files
>to avoid some client to server file copying, and it is avoiding too much.
I don't think "copy" is that clever.

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