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Herb Lewis herb at
Mon Mar 23 20:32:37 GMT 1998

Bob Rohde wrote:
> I would like to know how to view a samba server on a different subnet than
> the client workstation resides. For example, I have a Samba 1.9.18p3 server
> in subnet 'a' and a NT 4.0 client in subnet 'b'. The Samba server does not
> show up when the NT client double-clicks on the Network Neighborhood.
> However, if the client does a Find:computer it will find the server, and
> shares can be mounted. I've tried adding to the smb.conf "allow hosts=",
> "remote announce=" and "interfaces=" in the global section but it hasn't
> helped. I apologize for bringing up a subject that I'm sure has been covered
> somewhere before, but I'm just plain stumped and could use some help.
> Thanks,
> Bob Rohde

You need WINS to enable cross-subnet browsing. You can either make your
samba server a WINS server or point it to an existing WINS server. You
also need a local master browser on each subnet. Each client must also
be pointing to the WINS server. See the file BROWSING.txt in the samba 
docs directory.

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