INTERACTIVE UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2, Version 4.1

Craig Weatherhead cweather at
Fri Mar 20 15:33:39 GMT 1998


 I am having trouble getting started with the compile of Samba 1.9.18p3
on an Interactive Unix System. I have uncommented the portion of the
Makefile dealing with Interactive (ISC SVR3V4 running in POSIX mode )
and when I go to compile, it automatically comes up with the following

Using LIBS =  -lsec -lcrypt -linet
Compiling util.c
"./smb.h", line 1586: syntax error
"./smb.h", line 1586: warning: syntax requires ; at end of struct/union
"./smb.h", line 1595: zero sized structure
"./smb.h", line 1600: syntax error
"./smb.h", line 1600: warning: syntax requires ; at end of struct/union
"./smb.h", line 1610: zero sized structure
"./nameserv.h", line 272: syntax error
"./nameserv.h", line 273: syntax error
"./nameserv.h", line 278: syntax error
"./nameserv.h", line 278: cannot recover from earlier errors: goodbye!
*** Error code 1


 I would be most grateful for any help. I do have the INTERACTIVE
Software Development system , Version 4.1 loaded on this machine.

Craig Weatherhead
Fastenal Company Services
Systems Administrator
Phone:	(507)-453-8146
Fax:	(507)-453-8049
E-mail:	cweather at

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