NT sp 3, readme, section 3.6, response?

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Fri Mar 20 14:27:20 GMT 1998

You wrote:
| Will/has Samba been brought into line so that such machines will
| without registry modifications? 

	That's perhaps a little harsh (:-))

	Samba used to be distributed without crypt, due to US ITAR
	regulations, and so couldn't default to using encrypted
	passwords: you had to get the extra code and compile it.
	It always was in line with the strongest of the MS
	schemes, it just wasn't legal to have on US ftp sites.

	The latest version has a gutted crypt, and is legal, and
	so you have the option of using the MS scheme or changing
	the MS registry to use the unix scheme.

	IMHO, the MS scheme is useful only if you're on a network
	where people won't snoop your unencryped data as it passes
	over the wire, but would snoop passwords. 

	In a previous life as a security person, I called that 
	``wearing steel  eyeglasses to protect your eyes in battle''.
	Not only do you get killed by bullets to the heart, but you 
	can't see when to duck (:-))

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