Why multiple spool files?

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Fri Mar 20 14:16:35 GMT 1998

Gerald W. Carter" <cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU> wrote:
|> Using Samba v1.9.18p3 on a Linux system, I find that that any print
|> sent to a shared printer results in doubled files.  It's not that 2
|> copies  of the print job are actually *printed*, it's just a matter
|> dual spool files being created.
| Samba spools the files and the uses the value of 'lpr command' to
| the file.  For example, if you are using "/usr/ucb/lpr -P %p %s; rm
| as the print command, samba effectively does a "cat $FILE |
| The dual spooling is normal.  [snip]

	Assuming that's correct (and I strongly suspect it is), and
	assuming you're using the lpr (as opposed to lp) command,
	try "/usr/ucb/lpr -s -P%p %s; rm %s"

	This will avoid the spooler making a second copy.  You
	can also try the lp command (System V), as it tries
	not to take copies unless you say ``-c''.

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