guest printing

Louis Shue Louis.Shue at
Fri Mar 20 08:06:47 GMT 1998

Hi all, 

I have just installed samba 1.9.18p3-50.2 RPM on a RedHat 5.0 Linux box. As
far as I can see (following the tests in the Diagnosis.txt), everything is
working fine. I can see the samba server the Network Neoghbourhood from a
Win 95 PC on the same subnet. However, there are a few minor quirks. First
of all, is it possible to have a workgroup name consist of two words, eg.
"xxx college". This (without the quotes) is how I have specified the
workgroup to be in smb.conf, but only the first half is seen from Win 95.
Secondly, I have been trying to set up guest printing, so that I don't need
to supply a password to connect to a given printer (security is not an
issue). However, it seems that even though I have specified in smb.conf
"guest account = prn" (of group "ftp", no home directory and shell) and
also "guest ok = yes" under [printers], it seems that samba insists on
using the password corresponding to the username I use to log in on the Win
95 PC (I use the same username name on the Win 95 PC and the account on the
Linux box). Am I doing something wrong here, or is this the intended

Thanks in advance.



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