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>Hi all, 
>I have just installed samba 1.9.18p3-50.2 RPM on a RedHat 5.0 Linux box. As
>far as I can see (following the tests in the Diagnosis.txt), everything is
>working fine. I can see the samba server the Network Neoghbourhood from a
>Win 95 PC on the same subnet. However, there are a few minor quirks. First
>of all, is it possible to have a workgroup name consist of two words, eg.
>"xxx college". This (without the quotes) is how I have specified the
>workgroup to be in smb.conf, but only the first half is seen from Win 95.
>Secondly, I have been trying to set up guest printing, so that I don't need
>to supply a password to connect to a given printer (security is not an
>issue). However, it seems that even though I have specified in smb.conf
>"guest account = prn" (of group "ftp", no home directory and shell) and
>also "guest ok = yes" under [printers], it seems that samba insists on
>using the password corresponding to the username I use to log in on the Win
>95 PC (I use the same username name on the Win 95 PC and the account on the
>Linux box). Am I doing something wrong here, or is this the intended

Have you tried supplying a blank password?
Supplying a blank password should force samba to default to guest user (see
the end of man smb.conf for information on how it decides which user to
assign to the connecting user).

Another thing that you should check is that the user prn has wright rights
to the the directory you have specified for the path= directive in your
[printers] section (this defaults to /tmp if none is specified).

Simon Hyde
Simon Hyde

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