SmbClient in non-verbose mode

Jeelani Gulam jeelani at
Thu Mar 12 04:02:52 GMT 1998

Hi All

    I am trying to backup some of my files
running linux 2.0.29 to my NT server.

   I can connect to my NT Server thru "smbclient"
and to my service called as "users" with ofcourse
username and password, and can do things like
"put" and "get". My question is I want to automate this
process, cos I might be required to scroll in lot of directories
on my linux box and put all of them onto NT. Is there a way
by which I can supress verbose mode of smbclient and let
it run via a some script file wihch could typically contain

lcd /u/xyz
cd xyzDir
mput * 
lcd /home/abc
cd abcDir
mput *


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