samba is SLOW on freebsd than linux??? please help!

Silver CHEN chenst at
Thu Mar 12 05:52:47 GMT 1998

dear sir:

  I've set up a samba on my freebsd server to provide shared disk for
  lan users, but it's strange that samba runs very slow, compared with
  that on my old linux box.

  here are some masurements:

  on linux: win95 client <-> samba disk
  copy speed: about 800 KB/sec

  on freebsd: win95 client <-> samba disk
  copy speed: about 300 KB/sec

  on both: win95 <-> unix on ftp
  transfer rate: about 900 KB/sec

  our lan is 10Mbits ethernet, so I think the ftp speed is a good 
  reference. besides, my samba config file is very very simple:

   comment = Home Directories
   browseable = no
   writable = yes

  I used freebsd 2.2.5 stable and linux 2.0.27 for testing.

  does anyone has some ideas about this? I'll be very appriciated about
  your help.

  Sincerely Yours
  Silver CHEN

Silver CHEN

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