Win95 and "user" level security

stevenma at stevenma at
Wed Mar 11 16:57:49 GMT 1998

Hi, easy solve to this one I think:

We have a samba server running in "user level" security (security=user in
smb.conf) and we'd like our Win95 machines to connect to it.  To do this,
I'm assuming we have to switch them to user level security instead of share
level (otherwise it seems to prompt you for an $IPC password)  So, I
switched a machine to user level security, but the problem is, I want the
LOCAL machine to authenticate, we don't have an NT server to authenticate,
and I don't want to use the samba server.  Is it possible to be in user
level security and NOT use another machine for authentication on Win95?  If
so, how!!


Matt Stevenson

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