Bi-directional Parallel device.

W.J. McEachran billjr at
Wed Mar 11 17:06:37 GMT 1998

Our office manager just purchased a HP OfficeJet 635 (fax/scan/copy/print). 
This device is meant to attach to a PC via a bi-directional parallel cable. I 
want to share it over the network and use as many of it's functions as 

It's main purpose is to replace our old unreliable fax machine. I'd like to 
make use of it's printing and scanning capabilities across our network (SCO 
OSE 3.0 with SAMBA 1.9.16p5 (yes, I should upgrade ... any one have a 

I don't anticipate any problems with printing ... I can use SAMBA and Unix as 
I do with the others printer on the network ... but scanning?

Scanning is going to require that bi-directional cable. Anyone have any 
experience with sharing similar devices with SAMBA that might be helpful?.

Advice / warnings sought and appreciated.
Bill McEachran                    billjr at

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