TAJTHY Tamas tajthy at
Thu Mar 5 19:52:42 GMT 1998

Dear List!

I use samba for couple of years now with a great satisfaction. Now I'm 
facing with a problem which could not solved.

We got direct i-net connection jut now. I sit behind a firewall and the 
intranet address is occupied in the real world. I set the gatewy 
with "route add default 1". Then I could ping to the 
world. I created /etc/resolv.conf to contain one line (nameserver 
yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy). It worked well. The only problem was I can't use 
smbclient to transfer files and print to windows 3.11 and NT machines. 
After comment the one and only line in the resolv.conf this problem 
disppeard, but I could not use DNS any more.

How can I configure samba not to try to look for DNS service and not to 
try to go to the internet if the address is in the intranet? What did I 

TIA && bye From:, the untrustable

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