samba / ggc binarys for HP-UX 9.04

Anthony David adavid at
Thu Mar 5 13:59:28 GMT 1998

 brauki at said:

> I am searching the current samba binarys for a HP9000/827S with HP-UX
> 9.04. Unfortunately we have only the very basic C-compiler installed,
> that won't do ANSI. Therefore, out attempts to compile gcc from source
> failed too.

I have a binary I may be able to rustle up. It may be next week when I can
find the necessary tuits to tar all the bits in an installable fashion.
It's not the latest version, though it does have the des encryption
compiled in to cover for NT 4 SP3. (Luckily we are both outside the US)

> Is there anybody able to send me the current Samba binarys, or
> alternetivly point me to a location for the binarys?
> Does anybody know a location for gcc binarys (HP-UX 9.04)

Well, to compile des I installed gcc so...

> Thanks in advance....

You're welcome

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