Success mounting samba shares over Win95 dialup

John Sutton john at
Thu Mar 5 13:53:30 GMT 1998

Thanks to all who assisted me with this problem.  For the record, here is
the solution.

1) Make sure the "DialUp Networking/(Select Dialup)/File/Properties/Server
Type/Log on to network" checkbox is ticked.  This causes an approx 10 second
delay when connecting which is a pain but is the only way I can find to make
Win95 perform it's (meaningless) little dance called "Logging on to network".

2) Add entries for the samba server to \windows\hosts AND \windows\lmhosts.

3) Restart windows.

Now make the connection and on the Desktop, right-click/New/Shortcut/Command
line: \\servername\sharename.

John Sutton
SCL Computer Services
Tel. +44 (0) 1239 621021

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