Janet Dickson janet at
Tue Jun 30 09:55:13 GMT 1998

	When I use smbpasswd to change a password consisting of all X's, (ie
pressing return when asked for Old smbpasswd) it gives me an error of :

/usr/solaris/samba/source/smbpasswd: machine rejected the
session setup. Error was : ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password -
name/password pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.).

	It works OK if used to change an existing password entry.

	Also, if I use smbpasswd to add a machine whose entry is in
/etc/passwd, I get the message :

getsmbfilepwent: malformed password entry (uid not number)
/usr/solaris/samba/source/smbpasswd: Added user pctemp$.

but it does add a (presumably correct) entry to private/smbpasswd :


	Also, does it matter which case the machine names are in ?

	I just downloaded the new head branch today (1.9.19-prealpha) and am
running on Solaris 2.5.1 


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