Browsing with 1.9.18p7 and WfW 3.11

F. G. P. fgp at
Sun Jun 28 22:38:06 GMT 1998


We are using a Debian 1.3.1 server (two Ethernet-Cards) with 18
 Clients. The Clients remote-boot from the server using
mars_nwe(Novell-Server emulation). Under Windows (WfW 3.11) the Clients
user the Microsoft 32-bit Tcp-Stack to access the samba-server( 1.9.18p7).
The problem is that the clients can't see the samba-server in their
browse-lists, nor can they access the server with net use... \\h931srv\...
- altough the clients register their ip-address at the server.

The Server has all the ip-addresses in his wins-database, and all the
clients in his browse list.

The Clients saw each other in the broswe lists, until I detected that they
kept electing the browser-master all the time. I stopped this by adding
"LM Annouce=no" and "MaintainServerList=no" to the win.ini. Now, that
clients pause after trying to browse the network, and then only see them

I played with this for a week now, and have to idea anymore...

							mfg, fgp

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