Browse list problem sorted

Troels Arvin rhl at
Tue Jun 23 22:40:22 GMT 1998

On the Samba list, at 05:58 24-06-98 +1000, Bob "Mince" Franklin
<R.C.Franklin at> wrote:
>I posted a couple of times about a problem I was having with browsing, 
>where smbclient (and other clients) showed nothing in the browse list, 
>but wins.dat and browse.dat showed a list and the log showed the server 
>becoming the domain and local master browser.
>Well, the problem turned out to be permissions on the .../samba/var and 
>../samba/var/locks directories; not allowing the 'guest account' access 
>to the files.  D'oh!
>I thought I just post to let you know the solution (so hopefully someone 
>won't be as dumb as me in future ;-).

You are a hero! My preliminary testing indicates that this cures the same
problem here (I'll return, if more thorough testing gives a different result).

- And if it's dumb not to figure this out, I'm also dumb... (I'd rather
characterize it as a 'subtle' issue: I thought that it would be enough if
the Samba root processes could read the files in the locks-directory).

As this problem generates a lot of frequently asked questions ("can map
shares, but can't see server in 'network neighborhood'"), I have cc'ed this
mail to Paul Blackman (who maintains the Samba FAQ).

Greetings from Troels Arvin, Copenhagen, Denmark

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