Printing on Windows 95

Vaclav Kolar kolarv at
Tue Jun 23 22:37:45 GMT 1998

I have installed v 1.9.18.p3 for IRIX 6.2. I can share my files between
SGI station and all local PC with Windows 95. I would like to send print
jobs from SGI machine to Windows 95 local machine printer too.
I tried it by smbclient and it was OK. However, cause it's not
practical. I try to print too using the sambalp command, by another name
the bulit-in Printer manager. The syntax of sambalp command should be
sambalp printer file user system. However, there are no details about
the parameters meaning.
So, I tried sambalp vb(name of printer SERVER:HP) filename lp SERVER(the
netbios name machine with printer!?!). In Printer Status window for 'vb'
printer the printer job appears, but the printer status is Idle all the
times. More, I got the mail from lp: can't open printer device
/dev/smb/SERVER:HP:Permission denied. Permission for lp user of
/dev/smb/SERVER:HP is setup rw-.

1.What's the problem with sambalp?
2.Do anybody know some more details about sambalp settings?
3. Are the permision settings OK?

Any response appreciated. Thank's. Vasek

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