SAMBA v's FTP - Direct and via router

Harper, Ian (IDH) ian.harper at
Mon Jun 22 09:26:34 GMT 1998

I wonder is someone can offer an explaination and solution to the
following :-

using two PC's one running SCO Unix with Samba and one using Win95 we
get the following timings when copying files from the Samba machine

4Mb file 	2 min 53 sec using Samba via router
		46 sec using FTP via router
		31 sec using Samba direct
		35 sec using FTP direct

26Mb file	10 min 4 sec Samba via router
		4 min 23 sec FTP via router
		3 min 53 sec Samba direct
		3 min 15 sec FTP direct

Any help would be appreciated greatly	

Ian Harper
ian.harper at

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