Problem connection to samba server from NT

Peter Fransen peter at
Mon Jun 22 12:15:14 GMT 1998

I have set up samba (samba-1.9.16p11-3rh) on a linux (x86) machine ...

Have managed to set it up so i can connect with smbclient to the
directories ... and to conenct to the NT filestructure ..
But when i try to connect from NT i get 
"\\host is not accessible
The account is not authorizedto login from this station"

I have added the IP to the hosts.allow file
And as i said ... i can connect with the smbclient ...

If i at Dos prompt try to use the command 'net view \\host'
I get ..
System error 5 has occurred.
Access is denied.

Anyone can help me out with this ..
Running NT4.0 SP3 as the NT client machine ...

// Peter

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