File Access Trouble

David Bullock davidb at
Fri Jun 19 05:52:41 GMT 1998

>> I am experience some trouble with wrong file group ID on files when a user 
>> is member of several groups.  It seems that only the primary group is used.  > This is not what I want.  I want to control  witch group is used. 
>> A setting in smb.conf like active group = >xxx, or something 
>> like that, so that active group is set if the user really is a member of >that group.
>> The Force group - parameter can't be used cause then everyone is allowed >access to the 
>> shares regardless if they really are a member of that group or not.
>That is interesting.  I am starting to use some of this 
>myself.  I was under the impression the unix protections
>would not allow access unless the user was in the valid user

Perhaps this is about controlling which group is used when saving

Most unixes support the setgid bit on the directory which
forces all new files created in the directory to the same group as
the directory.  This is very useful if you know about it.  There
is a limitation though files moved from elsewhere into the
directory keep their original group ownership.

The originator may not have known about this Unix trick
or maybe this doesn't do what he wants.

David Bullock
Loftus Computing Services Pty. Ltd.
Adelaide, South Australia

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