Mapping Samba Drives (Samba Digest 1721) (Suzanne George)

Linscheid, Sven (Koblenz) SLinscheid at
Thu Jun 18 06:33:35 GMT 1998

Hello happy Samba People,

I use the following trick for mounting my Samba Maps at start-up at my
WIN NT Workstation 4.0 (hate this beast).

I use the logon Scripts that could be used by WIN NT. (See Directory :

You should give the file a "good" name (I use my Login Name for that

Then I use the "net use" in the Script for ex. : @net use M:
\\testy\docs rumpel /USER:homeboy

I use the "@" because you always have to give a password to logon, and
nobody should see that ;). The syntax is :

		@net use

So and now I have to say WIN NT that It should use that script! Go to
the User Administration and select the User that should use the script!
Open the Profile and write the name of the script (in this ex. SVEN.BAT)
in the Edit Field "Login Script Name".

I hope that helps!

Have a nice day

Mr. Compilermagic
Sven Linscheid

Sven Linscheid · BOG Koblenz · Hans - Böckler- Straße 5 · D-56070
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