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>Subject: Samba Server Icons disappearing
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>I have Samba running on a server in a large WAN - there are over 800 NT and
>Novell servers listed that I can find, not to mention numerous DEC VAXs,
>When loaded, the Samba server works fine.  Unfortunately, it does not show
>up on any of the browsers.  If I put the IP address and the NetBios name
>into the lmhosts file of the individual work stations, they can log into
>Samba server, and whatever drives they have remapped show up fine on their
>windows explorer.
>But - the actual server Icon in the "Network Neighborhood" never shows up.
>Is there something that I might have missed in the smb.conf file that might
>prevent the actual server icon from showing up?
>Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Have you set browseable = yes in smb.conf. If you havent that could be your

Also try setting available = yes in global and workgroup to what workgroup
the server is.

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