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Peter de Groot pdgtech at
Thu Jun 18 03:38:03 GMT 1998

> I am experience some trouble with wrong file group ID on files when a user 
> is member of several groups.  It seems that only the primary group is used.  > This is not what I want.  I want to control  witch group is used. 
> A setting in smb.conf like active group = >xxx, or something 
> like that, so that active group is set if the user really is a member of >that group.
> The Force group - parameter can't be used cause then everyone is allowed >access to the 
> shares regardless if they really are a member of that group or not.

That is interesting.  I am starting to use some of this 
myself.  I was under the impression the unix protections
would not allow access unless the user was in the valid user


Peter de Groot

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