Windows app, MKS Source Integrity, Samba, and Unix

Cameron, Steve Steve.Cameron at
Thu Jun 18 22:13:00 GMT 1998

Novice question:

I'm trying to use MKS Source Integrity, which is a (mostly) windows based
source code control system to access a bunch of code stored in an MKS
repository on an NT box and deposit the checked out files on a Unix box via
a Samba share.  (It's come to this, I'm porting Windows code to Unix, how

Anyway, the problem I'm having is that the Windows box running the MKS
software is very aggresive in its caching.  What I would like to be able to
do is use Windows to check out my files from the Windows NT box onto the
unix box.  Go to the unix box and do the compile-link-run-edit thing for
awhile, then go back to the windows box and check in my changes.  

However, the windows box is completely oblivious to changes made on the unix
side unless I disconnect the unix share prior to making any changes on the
unix side, then reconnect it for windows access.  In other words, it's
completely unsafe it would seem to use Unix and windows to access the same
files during a samba session.

Is there some way I can do what I want?  (i.e. tell samba not to allow the
Windows box to be so over-zealous about caching?)


-- Steve Cameron

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