Samba Server Icon diseppearing

Bob Kruger bkruger at
Thu Jun 18 19:36:53 GMT 1998

At 04:15 PM 6/18/98 +0200, you wrote:

>Can you ping your samba server.
>If can then you have to check if you can ping the mashine(s) withs have to
>see samba server.
>And another thing, try dignostics.txt. It is in /usr/doc/samba-*/
>In case you can find it write me and I will e-mail you this file.

Allow me to explain.


Server NetBios name - SERVER
Workgroup = OFFICE

The server is working properly from a functional standpoint.  If I drop to
the Dos windows of Win95, and type "NET VIEW \\SERVER.  I can use the NET
command to remap drives, etc.  Once remapped, I can see the remapped
directory from the Windows explorer just fine.

However, if I do "NET VIEW /workgroup:OFFICE" the server does not show up.
If I go to the Network neighborhood and look in Workgroup OFFICE, I do not
see server.

In the smb.conf file, I have enabled Workgroup = OFFICE.  It does
sporadically show up in the "Network Neighboorhood" on the Win 95 machines,
but then disappears.

What I would like to determine is what is causing the icon to disappear, and
what can I do to keep it there permanantly.

Regards - Bob Kruger

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