WINS problem ? Samba server not found by all workstations

Christophe Dupre cdupre at
Wed Jun 17 14:03:17 GMT 1998

Hi all, I have a small problem here with Samba (version 1.9.18p7, although I 
upgraded this morning to p8). The server is a Sun Solaris 2.6. The clients are 
all Windows NT (server & workstations). All the workstations are on a subnet, 
and the server on another subnet (so broadcast packets are not able to move 
from a station to the server), so I configured Samba as a WINS server, and all 
stations are using it. Configuration is as follow:

   domain master = yes
   local master = yes
   preferred master = yes
   os level = 65
   wins support = yes

So, now from all stations I can properly map shares using the ip address 
(\\\sharename), but I cannot always use the NetBIOS's server name 
to map (\\ServerName\sharename). For some stations it works, not for others. 
For those for which it doesn't work, Doing a "Find computer" using the 
server's NetBIOS name will result in a not found error message.

Can anyone help ?

Christophe Dupre
Analyste de systemes, 
RISQ inc.
1801 McGill College, suite 800           Tel: (514) 840-1235, ext 6971
Montreal, QC CANADA                      FAX: (514) 840-1244

"Nous ne sommes pas libres de ne pas etre libres, nous sommes obliges de 
l'etre"  -  Fernando Savater

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