samba-1.9.18p8 password problem

Richard Hogue hogue at
Wed Jun 17 13:06:07 GMT 1998

Users can mount SAMBA shares OK but when they wants to change their SMB
password  they get the following error message:
  Old SMB password:
  New SMB password:
  Retype new SMB password:
  smbpasswd: machine rejected the session request.  Error was
: code 131.

And SMB password has not been changed.

If you type a different  "New SMB password & Retype new SMB password",
you do get the correct message:
smbpasswd: Mismatch - password unchanged.

This SAMBA server in its smb.conf has:
    encrypt passwords = yes
    security = server
     password server = xxxxxx            (samba server where smbpasswd
file is located)

All SAMBA servers are rs6000s mostly running  AIX some running
AIX 4.1.5.o and xlC:

What unix services are necessary for SAMBA of run and communicate to
another SAMBA server.  Our system people have tried to make our unix
machines as secure as possible.  Could some service be turned off?  All
the tests in the DIAGNOSIS.TXT function correctly.

Thanks much for your help.

Richard Hogue
email: hogue at

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