Win95/WinNT name mangling / case sensitivity

Klaus Troeger klaus.troeger at
Wed Jun 17 12:35:32 GMT 1998


could anyone give me a working configuration (only the 3 or 4 lines
required for the desired settings) for our Win95 / WinNT4.0-Clients.

Our samba server: 1.9.18p7

Our customers would drag and drop a file within the browsers from a local drive
(for example C:) to a SAMBA-connetced network drive *WITHOUT* changing anything
within the file name (length, case etc.).

I would be glad to get a solution for *BOTH* OS !

Or is the soloution to set up two servers with different configurations ???
(I hope not ......)


P.S. I've already read the smb.conf and all available docu with now success !
     I've bought John D' Blairs book "Integrating UNIX and Windows ...", too !
     (and i've tried a lot .......)

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