Samba Server Icons disappearing

Bob Kruger bkruger at
Wed Jun 17 10:22:26 GMT 1998

I have Samba running on a server in a large WAN - there are over 800 NT and
Novell servers listed that I can find, not to mention numerous DEC VAXs, etc.

When loaded, the Samba server works fine.  Unfortunately, it does not show
up on any of the browsers.  If I put the IP address and the NetBios name
into the lmhosts file of the individual work stations, they can log into the
Samba server, and whatever drives they have remapped show up fine on their
windows explorer. 

But - the actual server Icon in the "Network Neighborhood" never shows up.

Is there something that I might have missed in the smb.conf file that might
prevent the actual server icon from showing up?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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