AutoCad R14 and Samba

Jem Atahan jem at
Tue Jun 16 09:21:00 GMT 1998

Hi all.

We have here a Sun sparc 5 running Solaris 2.5, plus samba-1.9.18p8
(although it exhibited the same behavior under 1.9.17p4).

The network clients are NT4 SP3 machines, and the problem is AutoCAD R14.
Files opened in acad will intermittantly open as read only.

Has anyone out there experienced this, and have they found a workaround?

Anyway, my findings are as follows...

Firstly, the problem seems to be speed/latency related (ie. upping the debug
level will produce the problem more reliably, so will server load). It also
seems related to oplock support and will behave differently with different
oplock settings.

I have got the best results using:

strict locking = yes  #this is for ACad R13/R14 locking compatability
oplocks = no
fake oplocks = yes

Setting "oplocks = yes" here produces the same results, and smbstatus
reported oplocks being set, but it seemed like a dangerous idea to me what
with the fake oplocks and all...

The above configuration produces an occasional read only file on a lightly
loaded system (however fake oplocks breaks a number of other things...)

I have produced some log files at the following locations. (Due to the debug
level affecting the symptoms, most of the log files are at level 3.)

The first three are respectively, a level 3 log of a successful file open, a
level 3 log of a failed file open, a level 250 log of a failed file open and
the smb.conf in use at the time. The share being used is [testing].

I would welcome any input, and am in a position to do some serious

thanks for your time...

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